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First steps for new users

Once you have logged onto DataArts using your email address and password, start by searching for your organization and requesting to join as a user. If your organization does not have an account in our database, you can set one up by selecting the teal text to create your organization.
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If you need help joining your organization as a user, please contact the Support Center at 877-707-3282.

After you've been added as a user, you can start a Cultural Data Profile (CDP) and enter financial and programmatic activity for your organization's most recent fiscal year.

Are you filling out a survey for one of our partners? 

Locate service organizations you would like to share data with on our list of survey providers, available from your dashboard or in teh Survey Settings section of one of your Cultural Data Profiles. Once your organization has added a survey provider, information from your Cultural Data Profile will carry over into that partner’s surveys where the questions overlap, and additional questions from that partner will be added to your CDP profiles.

For information on sharing your data with funders, please see:
How do I run a Funder Report?



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