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How can I navigate the beta version of the DataArts platform?

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The new DataArts platform and Cultural Data Profile (CDP) are now live in beta. The system is designed to be more responsive and tailored for your needs. Since we’re in beta, we are still refining things and working out the kinks. Rest assured, we are committed to doing so as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the DataArts Support Center is happy to provide you with 10 tips (see below) to improve your experience as you navigate the new platform and CDP: 
  1. Resolving errors triggered while completing the CDP is easy. Watch this short video to learn how to address and resolve errors, indicated by a red exclamation point, and submit a Data Profile. 
  2. You may see the term “survey” used in the system. “Survey” refers to a “Data Profile,” which is a completed fiscal year’s worth of information submitted in the CDP. (But really - call it whatever you like - and we appreciate your effort to provide this information!) 
  3. If you experience a delay in page loading, it is likely because a lot of users are working in the system at once. We are increasing our capacity as quickly as possible. If you continue to see the loading symbol for 60 seconds or more, we recommend you exit the page, log in to the CDP at using “incognito” or private-browsing mode, and pick up your work where you left off. These steps will initiate a new session, which should result in a faster experience. 
  4. You can navigate quickly through the system using the section titles on the left. The left hand navigation pane works great! It allows you to progress to the next section or skip around in whatever order you like. You can also use the “Continue” button at the bottom of the survey to navigate through the sections in order. 
  5. Your data saves every time you click “Save” on the left side of the page, and periodically saves automatically, as you work. If you have encountered slow processing while working in the system, make sure you see “all changes saved” on the left under the navigation menu, before you exit your survey to make sure you don’t lose any work.
  6. The “percent complete” indicators are currently inaccurate. A percentage complete would be very useful, don’t you think? So do we…but unfortunately this feature is not displaying meaningful data at the moment. Why? It’s a bug that needs to be fixed. Rest assured, we are working on it. For now, trust your instincts on how much of the survey you have completed, because your gut is probably a more accurate gauge than the percent complete indicator.
  7. You may not see an error message immediately. Errors can be pesky and they sneak up on you when you least expect them. Currently, they may show up long after you have moved away from a section. You may also experience errors that take extra time to clear even after you have entered the correct information. This is a result of the complex error-check logic that powers our platform. While the logic is very accurate, it is still a work in progress. We are working on improving the error check system so that it’s smart AND speedy. Stay tuned. 
  8. Two people cannot enter data into the same organization's CDP at the same time.  If another user from your organization is currently editing your survey you will see a message letting you know that the Survey is in use and cannot be accessed when you choose edit from the dashboard. 
  9. You can edit a Data Profile that you have already submitted. You can revise a survey at any time from the “My Surveys” page. Keep in mind, if you edit a migrated Data Profile, you will have to answer a few questions to customize your survey, which could potentially hide data that you entered in the old system. You will also have to re-enter your attendance numbers. Our friendly Support Center staff is available to assist you and can help retrieve hidden historic data. 
  10. It IS possible to complete your Data Profile, if you can find the right button. The “Complete” button at the top of your survey may baffle you, because it stays grayed out, no matter what you do. If you experience this, we are sorry!  When you are finished entering data, navigate to the final section of the Data Profile, and click the “Complete Survey” button in the bottom right hand side of the screen. The system will run one last error check. If you are error-free, your survey will be marked complete. If there are errors, a system-generated message will let you know and invigorating red exclamation points will appear next to the sections that need adjustments.
Have you found bugs in the DataArts platform or CDP, or is there something in the navigation or survey that you find confusing? We are committed to refining our system to enhance your experience, and welcome your input and assistance as we continue to settle into the new platform. If you encounter a bug or technical issue, email us at and include a description (and, ideally, a screenshot image) of your experience, suggestion, or comment. We would appreciate hearing about any praise or pain points you may have to offer.

Thanks for your support and participation! 



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