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How do I fill out the Data Profile?

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To begin entering your data, you'll start by answering a series of questions to customize your Cultural Data Profile (CDP) survey. You'll need to know your organization type, NTEE Classification and NISP Discipline, and whether your organization had:
  • An independent professional audit or review
  • Restricted revenue (earned or contributed)
  • Non-operating revenue or expenses
All of these answers will help customize your CDP so that you see questions that are relevant to your organization and specific to your work. If your organization has a budget under $50,000, you will be given the option of filling out a version of the CDP survey that does not include a balance sheet (unless you are a fiscally sponsored organization, and then, it is optional) and you will be asked to estimate functional expenses instead of breaking them out for each line item. 

You can fill in the CDP sections in any order by choosing from the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page. 

Because all audits, reviews, and financial statements are formatted differently, the line items in your financial documents will not be identical to those in the Data Profile. If you are unsure where to enter a particular line item, treat the amount in question the same way it was treated in your organization’s accounting records and audit. 

When you enter non-financial information into the Data Profile, many of the lines will allow you to mark where a figure is an estimate.

If you have any questions about exactly how and where to enter data, contact the Support Center at 877-707-3282.

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