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What is a Cultural Data Profile?

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The Cultural Data Profile Survey is our flagship service that has become an indispensable national resource for data collection, analysis, learning, and insight.

Simply put, the Cultural Data Profile Survey is an online survey that nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations – large and small, and across all disciplines – use annually to capture, share, and analyze their financial and programmatic information in a standardized format, all in one safe, secure place.

Organizations using the DataArts system will create a Cultural Data Profile Survey for a grantmaker or service organization's request or their own reporting.  DataArts partners with grantmakers and service organizations to help streamline data entry and collection processes for arts and culture organizations by providing this one standardized form that is fully customized for arts and culture organizations.

We listened to grantmakers and arts and culture organizations for over 10 years hearing that they wanted a system that was scalable, more relevant, more streamlined and asked more about their programming details and less about the financial details.  The DataArts system now offers a Cultural Data Profile Survey that is all of that.

We took an approach that allows the following:
  • Small organizations (spending less than $50,000 per year) to create a shortened Cultural Data Profile Survey
  • Organizations select the programs they provide and only get asked the questions that pertain to those programs
  • Organizations can use the Cultural Data Profile Survey information to complete service organization surveys
  • We scaled back a number of financial detail questions and expanded on program activity details
A Cultural Data Profile Survey can include sections and questions about the following:

Organization Information - see also What questions are in Survey Customization?

Financial Totals
  • Earned Revenue
  • Investment Revenue
  • Contributed Revenue
  • Special Events
  • In-kind Revenue Details
  • Non-Operating Revenue
  • Personnel Expenses
  • Payments to Artist & Performers
  • Non Personnel Expenses
  • Marketing Expense Details
  • Non-Operating Expenses
Balance Sheet
  • Assets, Liabilities, & Net Assets
  • Endowment and Reserve Funds
  • Loans Details
People and Places
  • Workforce (Staff, Board, and Volunteers)
  • Contributors
  • Membership
  • Subscriptions
  • Workspace
  • Social Media and Web
Program Activity
  • Advocacy
  • Arts education
  • Broadcasting
  • Circulating works
  • Classes, lectures, or professional development
  • Commissioning works
  • Competitions
  • Conducting research
  • Conferences
  • Consulting or fee-for-service work
  • Developing works
  • Exhibits
  • Festivals, fairs, parades or community events
  • Field trips
  • Film screenings
  • Financing
  • Fiscal sponsorship
  • Grant making
  • Guided tours
  • Historic preservation or restoration
  • Open rehearsals
  • Other types of programs
  • Performances
  • Providing equipment, sets, costumes, or other materials
  • Providing rehearsal, meeting, office or other space
  • Providing residencies
  • Publishing books or periodicals
  • Constituencies Served
Please note based on how you answer questions throughout the Survey Customization process you may not see all of the above sections and questions.

See also  What questions are included in my survey? or How to create a Survey or Cultural Data Profile



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