What is a KIPI? How do I see my KIPI scores?

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KIPIs, or Key Intangible Performance Indicators, are the difficult to define qualities that set a high performing organization apart from others. Intangible aspects like good decision-making, artistic and managerial expertise, reputation and relationships, intellectual capital, and the quality of the work force all influence an organization’s performance. The KIPI dashboard estimates how much these intangibles play a role in setting an organization apart from others.

You can access the KIPI dashboard through your SMU DataArts nonprofit account, by clicking the “Performance Indicators” link from the Management Center.

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You can also see your KIPI scores by logging in here. You will need your Organization ID and Passcode, which you can access by contacting the SMU DataArts Support Center.

Organizations with annual budgets over $30,000 that have completed the long form of the Cultural Data Profile, and have an NTEE code in the A category (A=Arts & Culture) will have a KIPI dashboard.

We update the KIPI dashboard about once every 3 months, so you may notice a slight lag time between when you complete your CDP and when your data is reflected in your KIPI scores.
You can find more resources here:
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What is a KIPI?
If you do not know your organization’s log in information, please contact the Support Center at or 877-707-3282.



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